Fred and Michele Bialek are life long residents of the Valley. Like most people, they were bored with all the old ideas for lunch in Downtown Shelton. “Pizza, burgers, or Chinese?” seemed to be the question in everyone’s mind. And then the ensuing SIGH immediately followed. If there were only a place to get a good bowl of soup and a healthy sandwich! Then they realized that it was up to them to make the change that was so sorely needed in the area. That is when Liquid Lunch was born. (It may have also been the nudging from Fred’s friend RJ that helped!)


Born in Shelton and raised in Seymour, Fred is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He has a rare talent for making soups that are out of this world! Put a pile of odds and ends ingredients in front of him and he’ll make magic with it! Fred has always wanted to be his own boss, and the world of corporate America was a place that he never saw himself fitting in.

Michele is a perpetual student of the School of Life, having done extensive traveling, waitressing, and generally experiencing life throughout the Southwest and Europe. She never thought that she would end up right in her own backyard, but here she is and she is loving it! Born and raised in Shelton, Michele has always had a vision of a hip, healthy cafe located right on Howe Ave where people would love to come and hang out.

As soon as they opened their doors on Sept 7, 2004, word spread like wildfire about the great food and the friendly atmosphere. The tiny little 15 seat spot wasn’t enough! They soon had the opportunity to expand into the next store front and create a dining room. Soon after they opened a storefront in Milford, CT. On Valentine’s Day, 2007 in the middle of a snowstorm, Liquid Lunch Milford was born and the family grew bigger!

In 2008, Fred and Michele were approached by Robert Scinto to build a restaurant in his newest corporate building in the towers area of Shelton. The third installment of Liquid Lunch now resides at 6 Research Drive where all of the soup magic happens. Fred is able to make all of his concoctions at the newest location and distribute it out to the other restaurants.View More:

Fred and Michele stumbled upon each other when they were both working at Bertucci’s restaurant in Shelton where everyone told them they would eventually run their own place. Fred in the back, and Michele in the front. How foreshadowing that turned out to be! They got married and immediately started a family. With their sons Jacob, Jackson, Samuel, Rowan and daughters Sarina and Bridget as their inspirations for success, and their three Jack Russells Monday, Jameson and Rocky as their nagging reminder to get a bigger house, the Bialek’s are determined to make Liquid Lunch the best place to come get breakfast or Lunch in the whole Valley, make that the whole world! To learn more about us, please visit our blog page.