We have been privileged enough to be a part of Jones Winery farmer’s market for four years.  We have served everything from Kohlrabi soup to sweet beet tea to Honey Lavender ice milk.  It has been a true test of our skills and creativity to come up with these unique and beautiful recipes.

Last year, Mrs. Jones mentioned that their market was lacking in something.  She was so pleased with the exceptional fresh vegetables and prepared foods offered on a weekly basis, but they couldn’t seem to find really good, crusty artisan bread.

Fred, being the consummate glutton for culinary punishment that he is, told Mrs. Jones that “Michele will make you some bread, no problem!”  While I silently screamed in fear, I nodded my head and said “Sure! No problem at all.”

That night, of course, I trolled the bread-making websites and soaked up as much knowledge as possible so that I could become the next guru of  glutinous alchemy.   I picked the simplest and easiest recipe I could find and the next day, I was playing with yeast and flour.

Well, things can never be that simple in the Liquid Lunch kitchen. As soon as I got the base ingredients together and the basic chemistry absorbed, I started playing with flavors.  How about some jalapenos, cilantro and lime?  Bacon goes great with caramelized onions!  Roasted garlic?  That has to be paired with pecorino and sun-dried tomatoes.

The end result was a symphony of flavors and textures that was impressive (even if I do say so myself).  But what blew me away was the sheer simplicity of it!  I really didn’t have much to do with the success of this bread, it’s like it just wanted to be born.  Like a proud mama, I took what I had baked to Jones winery for the first farmer’s market of the season and I sold out.  Seriously.  Sold out!

Throughout the summer weeks, we baked more and more bread, creating different flavor combinations, ranging from spicy to sweet, savory to succulent.  Alas, the summer has come to an end and the farmer’s market is over.  But my breads still want to be born and sent off to a good home.  We now have an order form so that you can bring home fresh, artisan-style crusty bread made with love and care. 

Get your order in by Thursday afternoon!  I bake every Friday morning and pick-up is between 2pm and 3pm at 6 Research Drive, Shelton, CT.